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The Start Up Process

Start Up Expertise Includes:


  • The 13 stages for all Startup Practices

  • Which town YOU should open your practice in

  • How to afford your existing loans and new practice loans while STILL PROFITING better than 96% of associates

  • Demographic and Site selection tools to get you in the RIGHT town and the RIGHT building for YOUR vision

  • 7 proven marketing plans for unlimited patients

  • Legal concerns and contracts you must use to protect your assets

  • How to LOWER COSTS of construction by 38% without sacrificing quality

  • Real estate, Lease vs Buy tools with zero-downpayment plans so you can build your net worth while owning your building

  • How to create an  office that REPRESENTS YOU CLINICALLY by using pre-planning tools even before construction begins

  • Floor-plan and design training to create a layout that fits YOUR OWN clinical philosophy

  • Loan Application myths and the truth about dental loans that banks don't tell you

  • Which buildings you must avoid at all costs for your new practice

  • Save 23% with equipment pricing

  • How to ensure your office project finishes ON TIME and ON BUDGET

  • 6 tools for hiring and finding the best support staff

  • Dr Larkin's Flying Start operations manual










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