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Becoming an associate, purchasing a dental practice, or starting a practice from scratch are pretty overwhelming choices most young professionals face every year upon graduation. Being able to assemble the critical information and most importantly the qualified team that is required is nearly impossible. Dental schools provide minimal exposure to the detailed decisions that you are faced with and often well-intentioned, but unqualified, people are offering you advice at every turn. Engaging the services of a team of professionals helping you to realize your dreams in today's marketplace is possible, but it requires proven experts at every turn.   

Dr Tom Larkin

Dr. Larkin is a native of Omaha Nebraska and a graduate of Creighton University School of Dentistry. 


In October of his senior year, Dr. Larkin leased a space, designed an office and obtained a construction and equipment loan. On subsequent weekends, he and his roommates remodeled the space. Shortly before graduation, he received an offer to join a prominent crown and bridge practice in another state. He sold his newly built office to a fellow classmate. When most senior students were preoccupied with passing their national board exams, Dr. Larkin had already built and sold his first office. He has built several practices in his 17 years of private practice and his practices have consistently been in the top 5% of profitability percentages nationwide.


In 1995 he began to teach part-time at the Creighton School of dentistry and authored a practice management handbook for a lunch and learn series that he gave.” Starting and Building a dental practice in the 21st Century.  He received the outstanding teacher award in his first year of teaching. The first and only time a part-time instructor had received that award.


!n 1997 he assisted in developing specialized financial and management services for dental clientele of one of the leading healthcare centered accounting firms in the Midwest.


In 1998 He developed and eventually sold one of the first dental e-commerce web sites on the internet, At the same time, he completed the first Web Development and e-commerce curriculum offered at the University of Nebraska. Since that time he has done practice management and Internet marketing consulting.


Most recently he worked as an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry from 2009 to 2013. For 2 years he was co-course director of the practice management class and developed the curriculum entitle "The Business of Dentistry, A Mini MBA".


In 2016 his MBA course became a part of the pre-launch curriculum for, a dental start-up company. He also made several presentations on entrepreneurship nationally for Idealpractices.


In 2017, his dental prevention course became the first to be approved and endorsed by Dr. Brad Bale and Dr. Amy Doneen. His initial implementation in the office of Dr. Bruce Baird propelled his hygiene program to the very top of the Heartland Dental organization. His lead hygienist now teaches Dr. Larkin's protocol for The Productive Dentist Academy.

In 2018, he founded Proactive Oral Wellness, A coaching and implementation web portal where he continues to expand the conversation on health and wellness and strategies to impact patient's lives at a higher level.  

His relocation to Lexington fulfills a life long dream to be located at the center of the horse world. His hobbies include thoroughbred racing, home improvements, and fishing. His Daughter is a graduate of Centre College and lives in Louisville.

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