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The Larkin Protocol

​We believe that our patients deserve the very best that current 

science has to offer them.

We believe that a relationship-based, patient-centered model provides maximum outcomes for the health of patients, staff, and doctors.


We believe that biological assessment should always come before restorative care.

We believe that our patients want to participate in their health and wellness journey with the entire dental team acting as their health care advocates.

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The Mission Critical Tools For Dental Hygiene Success

About Dr Larkin

Dr. Larkin considers himself an advocate for the independent practice of dentistry and his commitment to education on all matters related to young dentists is unprecedented. Beginning in 1995, his ongoing mission of training up young dentists to all the intricacies of running a dental practice is generating a loyal following. Beginning with a startup and sale while still in dental school, Dr. Larkin has walked the walk and knows how to navigate startups, acquisitions, and practice development. Dentists today are well aware of the impact of corporate dentistry in the marketplace and are actively looking for counsel that may assist them in attaining more autonomy and independence. 

Our Annual Meeting March 22.23 2024


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"Dr. Larkin is a man of integrity who is generous and loves helping others succeed".

"Dr. Larkin has many talents and a great resource for knowledge and innovation"

Brad Bale, MD
The Bale/Doneen Method 

"Dr. Larkin's book, "I'm Free" provides excellent knowledge regarding the importance of oral health for total wellness. His emphasis on the germs in the mouth as the critical component driving the health risk is spot on! It is imperative that testing be done to identify the particular oral microorganisms. Fortunately, the germs known to cause risk with heart attacks and strokes can be identified. When uncovered, the type of excellent dental care proposed by Dr. Larkin can eradicate the dangerous bacteria. His book is a must read for any savvy consumer who wants to maintain overall health."

Amy Doneen, DNP, ARNP
The Bale/Doneen Method


"Dr. Larkin's book, "I'm Free" provides direct patient education surrounding optimal oral health and a step-by-step guide to create a healthy mouth and a healthy body. Dr. Larkin is an expert in the oral health aspect of the Bale/Doneen Method and it is an honor to advocate for his life saving work."

Jim Hyland
President, Oravital


"I'm Free"' the book for anyone who wants to learn the secrets of saving your teeth, having healthy gums, and avoiding unnecessary dental work. It is an easy read and understand review of what you need to know about dental care written by an experienced dentist with a preventive focus. Dr. Larkin reveals the new information linking your oral health to many serious diseases including Alzheimers, rheumatoid arthritis, and even heart attacks and strokes. This overall review will empower you to predictably better health for your entire life."

Bill Landers
President, Oratec

"Ive read and highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to keep their natural teeth for the rest of their life. I've known Dr. Larkin for almost 20 years, ever since he first questioned the then current dental belief that most people will inevitably lose their teeth to gum disease. He was among the first to start testing patients for the periodontal pathogens that cause gum disease. By treating the infection and not the symptoms, he's saved countless patients from tooth loss and dentures.

Now, in this book, he's sharing his knowledge with the public. There are a lot of dentists who won't be happy with this book because gum disease can be prevented and treated without resorting to surgery and expensive crowns and bridges, but it's the right thing to do. Ordinary people need to know what Dr. Larkin has learned in a lifetime of preventing and treating gum diseases."

Jayme Amos
CEO Ideal Practices


"By far, Dr. Larkin's new book is the most comprehensive resource on the explosive Oral-Systemic health topic. To makes matters better, the thorough delivery is uniquely "Larkin," landing with far more impact and practical application than you expect."

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