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The Phoenix Project


(March 15, 2020) The events of the past week were of no surprise to me. I have talked about it extensively for the past 24 months. I have turned down startup clients. I have talked dentists out of acquisitions. As recently as last evening, I told someone to walk away from an acquisition project. This advice was not in my best interest financially but it was the right thing to do with what I knew was about to happen to hundreds of young dentists who were convinced that they were capable of doing things that they were not. We were approaching the end of a historic, lengthy, economic cycle and the trap was coiled to snap. And it did. Timing in life is everything butt It happened so damn quickly. The Podcasts and wantreprenuer message boards are suddenly triage units for young dentists, many bleeding out.  Its a whole new ballgame and the stark reality of what has happened during the age of influence will leave a tragic indelible mark for a very very long time.  


From every expansion comes a contraction. And from this record economic expansion came a violent, unprecedented contraction. Coronavirus was not the cause, it was a mediator. What has surprised me is the velocity of events. That is unprecedented. When my twenty-something operations manager asked me last week about some strategic moves that I had made that she did not agree with, she later asked. How did you know?  My response: I'm an old guy.


The Phoenix project is how I am going to guide people through the following challenging months. It is not a ROI Productivity Coaching Program, Mastermind Group, or Leadership Training. These are the movements of the past. Many of the so-called dental influencers were selling an illusion during a real easy market. And the Illusion just turned real ugly. Me, I work tactically, 7 days a week, helping people I deeply respect with my 40-year deep playbook. I love my work and it shows. Read my books, Read my reviews, look at my podcast channel that dates back 10 years. I have written the book on many things. 


My promise to you is I will not cheerlead, ask you to face your fears, convince you that you are great or that you can be a leader. That is also yesterday's news. Instead, I will tactically, and in real-time show you what I am personally doing, At work and personally in my life. What's working and what's not in the 5 offices I help manage and give you everything I have to get through this challenge of a lifetime. 


  • The Health Centered Practice Template

  • Tele-Dentistry

  • Deploying An Ozone Water System

  • Operating Room Air Quality

  • Advanced Office Disinfection Protocols

  • Microbial In-Office Testing

  • Emerging Hr Issues

  • Bank/Finance Relief

  • Getting To The Other Side

  • Positioning Yourself In Your Market

Introducing Coaching Blocks


 2 Hour Increments - $395

This is one on one. In increments of your choice. Appropriately priced for the moment we find ourselves in. Schedule a block and we can get started.

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